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Years in business: 10
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Pickup / Dropoff Services

Ability Rent A Car provides pickup / dropoff services.
We offer pick up and drop off services within a 5 mile radius of our location.

Airport Service

Ability Rent A Car provides shuttle service to and from the airport.
Shuttle service is available during our normal operating hours. Please call 713-224-5489 when you arrive at the airport.

We serve the following markets

  • Travellers
  • Local Renters
  • Long Term Renters
  • Students / Young Drivers
  • Insurance Replacement Rentals
  • Corporate Clients

Special Services

Houston Hobby Airport Shuttle Service

Age Requirements

Minimum Age: 18
Anyone at age 18 and up that has full coverage insurance can rent a car from Ability Rent a Car. Anyone 21 years and up may purchase our insurance if you do not have any.

Cash Deposit Rentals

Ability Rent A Car accepts cash deposit rentals.
Cash deposits are $200 and will be reimbursted to the customer when the vehicle is returned providing that the vehicle is clean, undamaged and has the proper amount of fuel.

Locations and Local Area

Ability Rent A Car has the following locations:

  • Ability Rent A Car(Houston, TX)

Located close to Hobby Airport, we serve the entire Houston metropolitan area including Clear Lake/Nasa, Galveston Island, Pasadena, and Friendswood.

Corporate Address

Ability Rent A Car
12140 Gulf Freeway
Houston, TX
United States

We rent the following types of vehicles