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I found this company on Kayak. They are predatory and dishonest. I was charged fees that I was told were mandatory when I was in a vulnerable situation away from the airport and other car rental options. My quote was $132.25, and supposedly already included fees. I was told my total onsite was $401.76 after additional MANDATORY fees that the clerk said I had to pay in the state of Florida. I have copies of everything if you'd like to follow up. I should be refunded the difference.

Report abuse Tue Oct 31, 2017 - Renter Review

I was calling 3 days prior to my arrival to ask where we would be picked up and no one answered the phone. I tried 3 different numbers from the email confirmations and when I arrived I asked about the number on the receipt and the girl said that number was not even valid. The employee who works in the office was over 30 minutes late to work and the one who was there didn’t speak English. Also not accepting AAA insurance was wrong. They r a large company. There’s more but no more Space

Report abuse Tue Oct 31, 2017 - Renter Review

This company charged me a completely different amount when I arrived on site. They charged me $283.00 when the email confirmation I had said the car rental would be $97.00. This company is a complete scam and I would not use if ever again. There were 2 other customers there at the same time as me having the same issue as well so they operate like this all the time.

Report abuse Fri Oct 20, 2017 - Renter Review

worst experience of my life. This company needs to be reported to the fraud butane and their license revoked. When we got to the place they did not have the minivan we had requested. It had not been turned in. They did not offer us a different car or a solution. Their sister company TUF had a mini van but they said it would be $800 for 5 days when our agreed rate was 180. We asked to speak to the manager and the agent told us she did not have his information. We had to call the police

Report abuse Wed Oct 18, 2017 - Renter Review

We had a reservation for a $110 dollar rental. That was including tax. We even used our own insurance. The car ended up costing over $300 because of hidden costs that they said were mandatory. Like the $77 dollars for a sunpass that I said did not want. I pay the tolls with cash like any other rental I have had in that area. I intend to tell EVERYONE I know to stay clear of this company through social media. And the BBB will be enformed as well. My family travels a great deal.

Report abuse Tue Oct 17, 2017 - Sarah Langworthy

This is a Fraud company. I reached airport timely and kept calling to pick up. Someone picked after 20 calls and told me that my reservation is canceled. I asked them why then they told me don’t know. I told them that I have confirmation email from two day before. She put my phone on hold and I waited 30 minutes. I suffered a lot because of this cheating behavior of company. I had to arrange alternate rental car at very high price. There should be some accountability for them. Arun

Report abuse Sat Oct 14, 2017 - Renter Review

1) Upon arrival, we waited more than thirty minutes to be picked up by the shuttle. 2) I was quoted a rate online of roughly $67 with an added charge of $10.99 per day for the sunpass. Upon arrival, I was charged about $235 - my quoted price was not honored or negotiated. 3) The service was not great and wait time was long, despite there not being any other customers. 4) Staff was not good at communicating and was seemingly unorganized. Was not given a copy of rental agreement - drove back.

Report abuse Wed Oct 11, 2017 - Renter Review

Had to wait at the airport for an extended period of time to get picked up and taken to rental facility despite multiple calls. The car was a good running vehicle but a gas hog and completely annoying vehicle. I would not rent from this agency again - they provide quotes and then add on multiple fees so you don't know what the cost is until you sign the contract. It is not in a convenient location from the airport.

Report abuse Wed Oct 11, 2017 - Renter Review

Got to the Orlando airport and no answer to be picked up. Called 3 times,3 different numbers. No answer. Finally went to another rental car booth and was told no cars were available at any car rental company due to the hurricane. Why was I given a reservation? Why wasn't I called when a problem was discovered? Ended up renting with Avis 3 days later. Never did get a hold of this company. I'll never trust a no name car rental company again.

Report abuse Wed Oct 11, 2017 - Renter Review

They took a long time to pick me up at the airport. They quoted me $50 but charged me $150. That was a total rip off

Report abuse Sun Oct 8, 2017 - Tina_d