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You have just got the right place Iversta Rentals Inc. offers incredible customer service.
Agency reply:
Thanks for your comments. As you left 5 stars for our company we know that our service is good. All of us - car rental companies near the airport - are trying to make it good for the clients. Hope to see you back soon!

Report abuse Fri Jun 23, 2017 - Renter Review

In your TOTAL PRICE quotation you should make it clear that insurance price is not included yet.
Agency reply:
Hi. Thanks for your comments. The rental rates in Ontario do not include CDW. That is common for all rental companies. It would be looking weird if we would mention in our booking system something like "Daily rental without insurance" as nobody does it. However CDW is always available in extras to buy. And majority of the renters have their own policies.

Report abuse Sat May 13, 2017 - Renter Review

It was more than a hassle to get from the airport to the rental office. It included a long walk, short train ride, and pick up to be driven to the office. The staff, although it is mentioned in the contract didn't explain that toll roads will be subject to a large administrative charge and should just avoid them completely. After returning the vehicle, they seemed surprised that the vehicle smelled like dog when they knew full well there were dogs inside the vehicle.
Agency reply:
Thanks for your comments. Perhaps it would be good if you also mention that you saved a lot of money by renting from our company instead of airport car rental companies. ALL rental companies besides major ones (Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Dollar/Thrifty, etc) located OFF airport and we are the closest one to the terminal. Majority of the people also find it very easy and fast to get to the pickup location as walking to the parking of the airport car rentals also takes time (which you forgot to mention here or maybe you are not aware about it). As for 407 - you were explained everything at the time of signing the rental agreement and you implicitly signed for 407 and traffic fines box. So its a bit strange to hear now that we did not explain it. As for pets - we dont allow them in the car. Someone from our employees has probably missed that point that you will have a dog in the car. In anyway you were not charged anything for detailing even though the car was badly messed up. I dont see what are your comments about

Report abuse Sun Mar 26, 2017 - Renter Review

Didn't appreciate the car that much but it's just personal taste. Service was perfect, nothing to say about that. Surprised for the extra fee because we left Ontario, none of my friends here heard about that before. Would still highly recommend this company to anyone!
Agency reply:
Thanks for your comments. We normally asking people about their travelling plans at the time of booking. Perhaps you decided to go out of province when you had a car with you. Will give you some discount when you are back!

Report abuse Sat Dec 10, 2016 - Renter Review

Very nice agents
Agency reply:
Thanks and we appreciate your comments!

Report abuse Wed Nov 30, 2016 - Renter Review

A great company, no complaints whatsoever

Report abuse Wed Nov 2, 2016 - Renter Review

Just wish they had been there at station or had a cell phone rather than office.
Agency reply:
We also wish that. However you still enjoy much better rates compare to renting the car from airport!

Report abuse Sun Sep 11, 2016 - Chi

I was very happy with the staff and how I was treated. The car was in great mechanical condition and very efficient. I will gladly use this company again and will recommend them to others

Report abuse Sun Sep 4, 2016 - Renter Review

We were very happy with Iversta Rentals. The staff were friendly and prompt. They accomodated our request to keep the vehicle an extra day even when the car we were driving was already booked with someone else. Thank you for that.

Report abuse Mon Aug 15, 2016 - Renter Review